“3, 2, 1. All engines running…” 🚀

The Apollo 11 countdown starts our campaign for Caeserstone’s revolutionary surface collection made from porcelain.
Operating out of our 13th-century Templar château, Dan Alexander and our creative team explored new dimensions between time and space.
Porcelain, an ancient material invented in China ~1500 years ago, is now elevated with Caesrstone’s innovative surface science while still using the exact same massive kilns for manufacturing. This creates positive tension between the old and the new, combining the ancient knowledge of humanity with futuristic technology that is invented today.
Inspired by the old masters of 16th-century ‘nature morte’, Dan Alexander + Co. brought a technological angle to this campaign, creating a new point of view. At the center of it all we put the mirror as our key prop, where it plays like a trickster that keeps shuffling around all the angles and unveiling a multi-dimensional visual story.
Concept & Design, Movie Direction, Editing, CGI, and 3D Motion by Dan Alexander + Co., Château Cramirat, France.