Technology from a Humanistic Angle

The lab at Chateau Cramirat is where technology meets humanity.

The innovation companies that work with our lab create disruptive platforms that bring the right solutions, for people.


Fascinated by technological progress, we remain even more intrigued by people and the human capacity for cognition. We want to wrap progress around human advancement, with technology that nurtures the human spirit and the natural power of the human mind.

Top Projects from Our Tech Portfolio


Cogita Rule the Bugs is a disruptive simulation debug platform that harnesses the power of abstract visual structures. It transforms verification debug processes into an effective ergonomic experience, uncovering never-been-seen insight in any test scenario. By leveraging next-generation advanced visualization technology, Machine Learning algorithms, and abstract data interpretation, Cogita simplifies the heaviness of log files, streamlines information overflow, and unifies multiple multilayered data sources or types. It creates impact through the eyes, changing our technological world forever.


Vtool Smart Verification answers to the ever-increasing need for faster, more reliable ASIC and FPGA development cycles. It is both a verification EDA company that invented the disruptive debug solution Cogita, and an established ASIC design house that offers cutting-edge development services.