Château Cramirat opens a window

chateau Cramirat dan alexander

“Look out my window, what do I see? A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me.” — David Bowie How to reopen a 800-year-old window? Join us on our restoration journey, and be part of a window of opportunities opening up at Château Cramirat.

Join Us to Time Travel – Château Cramirat

Chateau Cramirat Dan Alexander

A philosopher and a designer bring back to life a particle accelerator in the heart of a 12th-century Templar château, in the Valley of Mankind. We just launched the second stage of our renovations at Château Cramirat, our 800-year-old Templar masterpiece in Périgord, southwest France. It’s where technology, philosophy, art, and design converge to revive […]

Merry Christmas from Château Cramirat🎄

This moment calls for action. Let’s stand united for humanity and bring much-needed relief to those who need it most. 🙌 The passage of time has left its mark on our ancient Château Cramirat, but today, together with our restoration experts, we re-opened a long-forgotten passageway. It was sealed off for centuries, and we can […]

On top of the world

A crew of architects and stonemasons who are experts at reconstructing ancient structures assemble on top of the building, wondering what the best solution would be to preserve these unique stones that were placed there hundreds of years ago. .Unique scaffolding were placed on top of château Cramirat so that we can reach it, in […]

Château Cramirat: From Lascaux cave painting to social media

chateau cramirat

Breaking News: The origin of the social media story has been discovered!.The earliest form of social media story was just found, and would you believe it – it is 17,000 years old, made by people who created cave paintings to share their story of life..Now, our studio operates out of Château Cramirat, just 5 minutes […]

Bang bang he shot me down!

Watch it! We can now get a clear shot through two arrowslits that had been blocked off for centuries. Recent restoration work has cleared away through the thickness of the walls and reopened these early defense features, which were put there 800 years ago to protect the château when it was built in 1220. Château […]