Renovation of our Château Cramirat

Renovation of our Château Cramirat has advanced a stage, with the emptying out of the roof’s upper space, reinforcement of the southern wall with concrete injection, the addition of a new window in the shape of an arrowslit, and the uncovering of the ancient beam structure styled like the hull of a ship. The bluish hue […]

Happy New Year

chateau cramirat dan alexander

Wishing you the best year ever, may you find many treasures in the sky and the earth ✨ From our studio and truffle fields at Château Cramirat 💫

Château Cramirat is undergoing restoration

Château Cramirat was built in the 12th century to serve as the chief commandery and seat of the Templar Grand Master in Périgord. An unforgettable stronghold, it was a major magnet for culture, finance, and the community. Its structure has remained untouched for 800 years, until now..Today, the château focuses on creating global impact as […]