Chateau Cramirat Book Collection

alvin lustig book cover dan alexander collection

We Alvin Lustig’s first-edition book-cover designs, and we’ve just received three new amazing additions to our studio’s gallery collection at Chateau Cramirat, by this legendary designer..Alvin Lustig was an American designer, strategist, and magician of content and forms, his most iconic works are the bookcovers that he created for New Directions publishing house in the […]

The Jesus and Mary Chain – The amazing story of our Medieval Cross of Sergeac.

Upon turning the bend on the road heading towards château Cramirat in Sergeac, you will first be welcomed by the medieval 16th-century stone cross called Croix Hosanaire. This unique name given to the cross derives from the word Hosanne or Ozanne, signifying the tradition of placing branches of the holy box tree at the foot […]

A first-time-ever opportunity to discover the nobles at Château Cramirat

dan Alexander and co Chateau cramirat

Usually closed to the public, its doors will open exceptionally for the occasion of EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS (Journées Européennes du Patrimoine)..We invite you to come and discover the latest research on the history and architecture of this ancient noble sanctuary of Cramirac, with Xavier Pagazani, a researcher at the Régional Patrimoine and Inventaire office, Direction […]

Take me to church

chateau cramirat sergeac

“…Take me to church, Good God, let me give you my life״ / Our next door neighbour, The Saint-Pantaléon church..25 meters from our Château Cramirat is our next-door neighbor, the unique and beautiful 11th- century church called – Église Saint-Pantaléon. We hear the church’s bells every day as a reminder of the events and people […]