Let there be light…💡

We are turning the lights on in our studio at Château Cramirat.

‘Chiaroscuro’ is an artistic technique that creates a pronounced contrast between areas of light and dark within a composition. The term comes from the Italian words “chiaro”, meaning “clear” or “light”, and “scuro”, meaning “dark”, and in paintings it corresponds with high-contrast sections of light and dark within a single canvas.

Often associated with the still-life artworks of the Duch master Rembrandt and the Italian Baroque pioneer Caravaggio, chiaroscuro evolved beyond paintings and gained popularity with artists across many disciplines.

In our CGI work for Caesarstone’s Pebbles Collection, every one of our frames exposed the interplay of light that happens all day long on and around the kitchen countertop, reflecting how everything is interconnected. By placing the window as a central lighting element, we inserted the presence of nature in a way that links the inside of the home with the outside world.

At Château Cramirat our 4D Motion team uses an innovative form of chiaroscuro. We evoke light to tell a story.
Let there be light.

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