1000 Years Back, 1000 Years Forward

In a futuristic journey between time and space, at Chateau Cramirat we look back a thousand years to leap forward a thousand more. Our vision is to revive the ancient bricks and stones of the building, by breathing new life into its long legacy of leadership.

Chateau Cramirat is more than a chateau, it is a time machine.

Now, fresh plans are in place to recreate the chateau as a center of leadership. Its past glory of a thousand years will be reignited, while inspiring impactful innovation for a thousand years far into the future.

In a unique collaboration that involves global businesses, the local community, and official French authorities, Chateau Cramirat will be restored and renovated to become an innovation think-tank.

Our Lab and Studio are already operating as groundbreaking workspaces for global visionaries to intersect between technology, philosophy, and design. Alongside them are our Le Galerie art hub, publication house, and business-hospitality site.

The place draws iconic figures that focus on creating global impact, while opening-up new opportunities for global businesses and the local community.

Chateau Cramirat has long been waiting for its revival, to serve mankind again in its original purpose, as a unique center fulfilling the humanistic code of its founders.

People and Place

Chateau Cramirat is led by a business partnership of two companies, La Tour de Marie and Dan Alexander & Co., both directed by Dan Alexander, an award-winning designer and thought-leader.

Our mission is to recreate the atmosphere of creativity and community that has been the legacy of this place for so long, here, at Chateau Cramirat, right in the center of the Valley of Mankind.

Our humanistic agenda follows in the footsteps of all the visionaries who impacted mankind for good.


This project is carried out with the support of Sergeac City Hall Office, headed by Mayor Isabelle Castanet-Daumas, an archaeologist and the descendant of the first excavator of the Prehistoric site at Castel-Merle.

Joining us are the national offices of ABF (Architecte des Bâtiments de France) and DRAC (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Ile-de-France).

At Chateau Cramirat we look back a thousand years, to leap forward a thousand years more, far into the future.

Anna Marie Ravitzki, Philosopher of Science
Dan Alexander, Designer