Hummus and Beirut in RFI

‘On the Hummus Route’, a one-hour interview on RFI / “Radio France International”, with Dan Alexander & Karim Haidar, talking about a new social order in the Middle East. 

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Gourmand Best Book of the Year – Twice! Gourmand World Cookbook Awards chooses On the Hummus Route as Book of the Year – Best in All Categories, and Peace CookBook. Dubbed as the ‘Oscars’ of gastronomy, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards picked On the Hummus Route out of thousands of entries from 130 countries and regions […]

Le Monde: Bons Mezzes du Levant / The Good Dishes of the Levant

Le Monde: Interviews Dan Alexander about the book On the Hummus Route, and the vision is offers of a new social order, without barriers or borders, without oppressive systems. The leading French newspaper Le Monde publishes an extensive article about our journey On the Hummus Route, praising the book for its presentation of a “shared […]

Channel TV France 24

Hummus: A Middle Eastern dish with an identity crisis. France 24 in an exclusive interview with Dan Alexander about his work as Chief Editor, book designer, and co-author of On the Hummus Route. “No borders, no countries, no any oppressive system, we are focusing on the cities, and the people themselves that are living in […]

New York Times

NY Times Best of 2019, Front Burner: Hummus, the Book. The New York Times: On the Hummus Route is a lavish gift volume, a coffee-table tome on hummus that follows the dish throughout the Middle East. The New York Times ranked our latest publication, On the Hummus Route, as Best of 2019, describing it to […]