Florence Henri / New Vision / Caesarstone

Florence Henri was a female artist and photographer, and one of the most revolutionary surrealist photographers and painters of the 20th century, who changed the artistic perception of light and space.
Henri manipulated light and objects in order to create a dialogue between the realism and the abstraction, creating a hyper-realistic effect to her photographs. She experimented with mirror effects, angling them to create surreal still lives and self portraits marked by spatial ambiguity.
At Dan Alexander + Co. we play around with space and time, inspired by Florence Henri. We applied a poetic angle to Caesarstone’s campaign, and created a new point of view by placing a mirror as the key creative prop. This tool, thus, keeps shuffling around the perspective in order to unveil a multi-dimensional visual story that unfolds with your gaze.
By innovating the current photographic language used for kitchen countertops, our mirror leads the eye to look at a surface from a whole new spectrum of angles. With remarkable sensitivity, it manipulates the image’s boundaries, revealing more,
suspending secret moments in space, breaking the solidity of forms, and blurring the divide between the viewer and the image.


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Dan Alexander Design
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