Florence Henri / New Vision / Caesarstone

Dan Alexander Design

Florence Henri was a female artist and photographer, and one of the most revolutionary surrealist photographers and painters of the 20th century, who changed the artistic perception of light and space.Henri manipulated light and objects in order to create a dialogue between the realism and the abstraction, creating a hyper-realistic effect to her photographs. She […]

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דן אלכסנדר אבן קיסר

“Like a time machine – Operating out of our 13th-century Templar Château Cramirat, Dan Alexander + Co. drew influence from the old masters Vermeer and Velázquez, exploring unseen dimensions between time and space.” . We play around with space and time, by applying a poetic angle to Caesarstone’s campaign, creating a new point of view […]

Plastic church at our Château Cramirat

Chateau Cramirat studio

We just got a brand new 3D printer in our studio at the château, which means we’re totally addicted now, trying to print everything in plastic….25 meter from our Château Cramirat is our next door neighbour, the unique and beautiful 11th- century church called – Église Saint-Pantaléon. We hear the church’s bells everyday as a […]