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“Like a time machine – Operating out of our 13th-century Templar Château Cramirat, Dan Alexander + Co. drew influence from the old masters Vermeer and Velázquez, exploring unseen dimensions between time and space.”


We play around with space and time, by applying a poetic angle to Caesarstone’s campaign, creating a new point of view by placing a mirror as the key creative prop. It keeps shuffling the perspective to unveil a multi-dimensional visual story that unfolds with your gaze.


דן אלכסנדר אבן קיסר
אבן קיסר פורצלן דן אלכסנדר
Dan Alexander CGI
Dan Alexander Studio Chateau Cramirat
Chateau Cramirat Dan alexander
CGI Dan Alexander
אבן קיסר דן אלכסנדר