Heritage Days: The Noble Sanctuary of Carmirat

Welcome to the first-time-ever opportunity to discover the nobles’ sanctuary in Sergeac at Château Cramirat, usually closed to the public, its doors will open for this special occasion.

Château Cramirat was built as the commandery of the Templar Order, later transferred to the hands of the Hospitallers, was in fact a noble residence named after its first owners, the Cramiracs. Several members of this family were commanders in the Templar Order and then in the Hospitallers of Sergeac, a historical situation that has generated some confusion.

We invite you to come and discover the latest research on the history and architecture of this ancient noble sanctuary of Cramirac, with Xavier Pagazani, a researcher at the Régional Patrimoine and Inventaire office, Direction de la Culture et du Patrimoine – Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Service régional du patrimoine et de l’Inventaire.

chateau cramirat
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