New campaign for Caesarstone 🚗

Dan Alexander

So, our latest campaign for Caesarstone is now out and about, using a mirror to add a new point of view. 🚗 Traveling in a time machine, between our studio in château Cramirat, old masters’ still life paintings, and CGI futuristic imagery of kitchen countertops, we are playing with time and space.

“3, 2, 1. All engines running…” 🚀

Dan Alexander

The Apollo 11 countdown starts our campaign for Caeserstone’s revolutionary surface collection made from porcelain..Operating out of our 13th-century Templar château, Dan Alexander and our creative team explored new dimensions between time and space..Porcelain, an ancient material invented in China ~1500 years ago, is now elevated with Caesrstone’s innovative surface science while still using the […]

800 years of social media & network

chateau cramirat dan alexander

Our Chateau Cramirat is part of the ancient Templar network that formed a special grid through which the Order’s activities could flow. Historical texts describe our chateau in Sergeac to be the ‘main planet’ around which all Templar life revolved in the region, like satellites set in motion by the Grand Master who lived there..Innovators […]

Let there be light…💡

1-dan alexnader cgi pebbles

We are turning the lights on in our studio at Château Cramirat. ‘Chiaroscuro’ is an artistic technique that creates a pronounced contrast between areas of light and dark within a composition. The term comes from the Italian words “chiaro”, meaning “clear” or “light”, and “scuro”, meaning “dark”, and in paintings it corresponds with high-contrast sections […]

Rescue Team in Ukrainian

So, we organized a rescue team, joined by our people from Vtool and Dan Alexander + CO who set off to stand at the Poland border to give a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees, offering them our warm support. Thank you Hagai, Vtool CEO, for personally directing this operation on-site.

Nature Morte’ at our Château

…To capture a moment in time, one that lasts forever..Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin was one of the greatest masters of Still Life in art history. He constructed a simple world of truth, of humility, and of so much calm that played out in just a few square inches on his vast canvas. He is also […]

It’s too cold outside for angels to fly

Stop and freeze a moment in time. The place where my grandparents arrived, immigrants who fled from an unnecessary war sometime in the past century, that exact same place is now refusing entry to new immigrants of another unnecessary war happening this very moment – people are on the run again, seeking food and refuge, […]

From ‘Nature Morte’ to CGI

We’re time travelers. From Chardin’s 18th-century ‘Nature morte’ to Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) – Dynamic Still Life in our studio at Château Cramirat. The world’s gone crazy, and all that’s left for us to do is just take a deep dive into these geniuses of the 18th century, to learn from them this art of how […]