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Our Chateau Cramirat is part of the ancient Templar network that formed a special grid through which the Order’s activities could flow. Historical texts describe our chateau in Sergeac to be the ‘main planet’ around which all Templar life revolved in the region, like satellites set in motion by the Grand Master who lived there.
Innovators in heart and soul, the Templars were the first to develop such an operational infrastructure that spanned many geographies, resembling present-day networks. It streamlined communication, enabled information sharing, and secured transferring of funds over vast distances by connecting hundreds of locations across Europe and the Mediterranean. This idea was based on the Order’s understanding that reality is knit together, like a matrix, where everything links into one unified life system.
In a more recent book about the Order, we found an iconographic map that shows the dispersion of Templar sites in the Dordogne. Our Chateau Cramirat continues to operate today as an innovation hub that intercepts philosophy, technology, and design. We are reviving the Templar spirit that sought to propel humanity forward, by energizing the hidden web holding reality as one complete unity.

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