A heavy weight has been lifted off our Château Cramirat’s age-old shoulders…

The ancient roof tiles have been removed and set aside for retiling at a later stage in our renovations..For now, we’re marveling at the original beam structure that has been exposed, looking remarkably like a sky-facing ship’s hull..Located in The Valley of Mankind, one of the best places in the world to go stargazing, our […]

A facelift after 800 years? It’s about time…

דן אלכסנדר שאטו קרמירה

Renovations at our château are advancing – we’re now restoring the tower!🔥For centuries, our magnificent tower at Château Cramirat withstood the trials of time, silently watching over the village of Sergeac. It’s a later addition to the original 12th-century Templar structure, which served as a key community landmark for ages..Our tower stands three stories high, […]

Renovation of our Château Cramirat

Renovation of our Château Cramirat has advanced a stage, with the emptying out of the roof’s upper space, reinforcement of the southern wall with concrete injection, the addition of a new window in the shape of an arrowslit, and the uncovering of the ancient beam structure styled like the hull of a ship. The bluish hue […]

Happy New Year

chateau cramirat dan alexander

Wishing you the best year ever, may you find many treasures in the sky and the earth ✨ From our studio and truffle fields at Château Cramirat 💫 https://youtu.be/hn-dWVIPBfY

Château Cramirat is undergoing restoration

Château Cramirat was built in the 12th century to serve as the chief commandery and seat of the Templar Grand Master in Périgord. An unforgettable stronghold, it was a major magnet for culture, finance, and the community. Its structure has remained untouched for 800 years, until now..Today, the château focuses on creating global impact as […]

800 years of social media & network

chateau cramirat dan alexander

Our Chateau Cramirat is part of the ancient Templar network that formed a special grid through which the Order’s activities could flow. Historical texts describe our chateau in Sergeac to be the ‘main planet’ around which all Templar life revolved in the region, like satellites set in motion by the Grand Master who lived there..Innovators […]

Let there be light…💡

1-dan alexnader cgi pebbles

We are turning the lights on in our studio at Château Cramirat. ‘Chiaroscuro’ is an artistic technique that creates a pronounced contrast between areas of light and dark within a composition. The term comes from the Italian words “chiaro”, meaning “clear” or “light”, and “scuro”, meaning “dark”, and in paintings it corresponds with high-contrast sections […]

Rescue Team in Ukrainian

So, we organized a rescue team, joined by our people from Vtool and Dan Alexander + CO who set off to stand at the Poland border to give a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees, offering them our warm support. Thank you Hagai, Vtool CEO, for personally directing this operation on-site.