Château Cramirat Collection

From our Château Cramirat collection, we proudly present the remarkable illustrated calendars by the prolific German graphic artist, Otto Hupp.

Back in the 1860s, Otto Hupp was commissioned to create new typefaces for Genzsch & Heyse, the famous German type foundry that set multiple trends in typography. His background as a skilled engraver and illustrator shone through, and many of his typefaces were published throughout his long career, including Liturgisch, Hupp Fraktur, and Hupp Unziale.

Hupp designed more than six thousand unique coats of arms and published several books on heraldry. He also created bottle labels, postage stamps, bank notes, and promotional posters, amassing an incredibly versatile body of work totaling ten thousand artistic creations.

For 51 years straight (1885-1936), Hupp created calendars that became extremely popular, designed as hardcover booklets that were profusely decorated with his heraldic images of the zodiac, city arms, bishops, and nobility, alongside text in one of his own fonts, published by G.J. Manz. To mark the 500th anniversary of European printing in 1940, Hupp, now 80, designed an annual calendar for Gebrüder Klingspor, and these remarkable calendars are now prized collectibles.

Brought to you by philosopher Anna Ravitzki and designer Dan Alexander, The Château Cramirat Collection is a treasure trove of art and design housed in a 12th-century Templar landmark in the Valley of Mankind, Périgord, France.

Hupp, Otto. Münchener Kalenders. Munich: G.J. Manz, 1889, 1913, 1922, and more.