Like a rolling stone

The Pisé floor in our Château Cramirat is being renovated.
Pisé is an ancient floor-tiling art, found mainly on the ground floor of medieval nobility homes in Spain and France. This detailed rolling-stone mosaic is thought to have originated in Dordogne, France, using the region’s Lauze stones for sure-footing and a special aesthetic appeal.
This beautiful technique was used mainly for walkways and entrances of nobility homes, chateaux and chapels. The strength of the layout and durability of the stones have made these floors very long-lasting, and several examples still exist today, such as the rare Pisé flooring of our Chateau Cramirat’s grand hall.
Made entirely by hand, each stone was first delicately hammered into the shape of a small triangular pebble, and then laid side-by-side to create intricate designs by pushing the identical stones into the leveled earth below. Rows, triangles, and circular shapes could easily be fashioned with these same-size stones, inspiring a creative variety of ancient Pisé flooring that resembles tapestry.
dan alexander