Toys are Us Chateau Cramirat / A medieval plastic toy

We just got a brand new 3D printer in our studio at the château, which means we’re totally addicted now, trying to printing everything in plastic…
So, what we did was climbed up the 16th-century medieval stone cross located in our village, the one that we showcase in our château logo, to take full measurements and dimensions, and then printed it in plastic.
Here in Sergeac, this 16th-century Croix Hosanaire served as a roadsign pointing travellers and pilgrims en route to the Camino who arrived in our small yet important village, which was surrounded by a thick forest of oak trees. Inside Sergeac, not far from the cross, stood the most important commandery of the Order of the Knights Templar in Périgord, situated in our Chateau Cramirat at the heart of the village.

Chateau Cramirat Dan Alexander
Dan Alexander Chateau Cramirat
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Chateau Cramirat
Dan Alexander Chateau Cramirat