New York Times

NY Times Best of 2019, Front Burner: Hummus, the Book.

The New York Times: On the Hummus Route is a lavish gift volume, a coffee-table tome on hummus that follows the dish throughout the Middle East.

The New York Times ranked our latest publication, On the Hummus Route, as Best of 2019, describing it to be “a lavish gift volume… this coffee-table tome on hummus follows the dish throughout the Middle East”.

The New York Times praises the book for its diverse recipe renditions, presented alongside historical pieces, philosophical articles, and grabbing street-food images. The book was made possible through a groundbreaking collaboration of more than 30 contributors, including high-profile researchers, chefs, and photographers from cities across the region that would have otherwise not be seen together in one book – Cairo alongside Damascus, Gaza next to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem right by Beirut, and more.

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