Le Monde: Bons Mezzes du Levant / The Good Dishes of the Levant

Le Monde: Interviews Dan Alexander about the book On the Hummus Route, and the vision is offers of a new social order, without barriers or borders, without oppressive systems.

The leading French newspaper Le Monde publishes an extensive article about our journey On the Hummus Route, praising the book for its presentation of a “shared story, of a cuisine that links people beyond the upheavals of history.”

The article explores the rich collection of recipes, articles, and photographs in the book, and brings the words of Chief Editor and book designer Dan Alexander, who says that “This book is an imaginary journey and futuristic one. From city to city, it offers a new social order, a space without limits, without barriers or borders, without oppressive systems.”

Le Monde adds unique images by British photographer Jack Davison, and quotes Dan Alexander who adds, “Chickpeas are one of the oldest ingredients in our world, rooted in multiculturalism and the history of mankind. Its story tells the story of us all. On terrain that has experienced so much oppression, rebellion, and migration, food remains the main link that bonds communities beyond their destinies.”

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