Time flies when you’re having fun / Time before the Iphone or Medieval Sundials

In our amazing village of Sergeac we can still find two sundials on the walls of Église Saint-Pantaléon de Sergeac, one scratched directly to the wall, and the second carved on a separate plate stone mounted on a corner wall. Sundials can be found scratched on walls, carved on separate stone plaques, laid on the ground or on podiums.
Our château sundial was found in the inner room on the first floor. A portable stone shaped as a cross, we assume, was once mounted on to a sort of garden podium, with an arm connected in the center, dropping the shadow on the time of the day.
The purpose of a sundial in medieval times was to inform the parish of prayer time and mass. Life as a whole was not governed by a clock as ours is today, daylight ruled over life, sunshine and light allowing work and movement, while darkness served for a pose, gatherings in Indore and sleep.